Elliot receives the ‘Children of Courage Award’

The Rotary Children of Courage Awards are organised to recognise and honour local young people who have faced adversity and showed courage and tenacity in overcoming hardship. To be eligible to receive an award, the recipient must have demonstrated bravery in overcoming some form of disability or impairment or have made some significant contribution to family life or to the community at large. This ear the Sixth Form leadership team nominated Eliot for this prestigious award.

Eliot stated that “I was nominated by the Sixth Form team for this award because I have been committed to complete my studies despite having rapidly lost cartilage in my hips, resulting in pain and an abnormal gait, which now means I need to use walking aids and will soon need a hip replacement.

I met some delightful members of the Rotary Club, who were all very friendly. I spoke to one member about my ambitions to become a Software Engineer and about his own work in the computing industry; this was very encouraging for my own studies. 

The awards ceremony was presented by Maurice Flynn and attended by the Lord Mayor. I was grateful for the opportunity to speak to both. I was honoured to receive a ‘Children of Courage’ award and to be held in the same regard as many other children around me whom were facing very severe challenges. 

The whole day offered me a unique perspective on my situation, and has encouraged me to continue to work towards my goals in-spite of any difficulties which I may face on a daily basis.”.

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