Emmanuel see top A Level grades rise in number!

Despite the number of A* grades being awarded dipping nationally for the fifth year in a row, staff and students at The Nottingham Emmanuel School are celebrating with their highest ever passes at A2 at the top end.

Particularly good performances were seen in Maths, Science and Sociology and such results have led to excellent individual outcomes with students going on to study at the leading universities including Rouven (A*, A, A, A : Sheffield :Bioengineering), Sarah-Jane: (A*,A*,A: Nottingham: Biochemistry), Joshua ( A*, A, B: Sheffield: Mechatronic and Robotic engineering), Emmie A*, A, A (Psychology: Lincoln) and Danielle (A*, A, B: Sports and Exercise Science: Birmingham).

Rouven (A*, A, A, A) who will now study at Sheffield University says that attending a UCAS Fair helped him to decide on what course to aim for. “After talking about bioengineering at the UCAS Fair I looked into it a bit more and it seemed the perfect fit for me. All of my teachers, – but especially the Mathematics department as a whole have really supported me to get through the process.” Fellow student Emmie (A*, A, A) agreed that support from teachers played a crucial role in getting results. “I came to Emmanuel from another school and so effectively started my A Level studies again from scratch. I think a combination of my new mindset and the massive support I have had at this school turned things around for me.” Joshua (A*, A, B) will now study Mechatronic and Robotic engineering at Sheffield University and says that he had a single mindedness to reach his goals and get on the course of his choice. “I have always been interested in engineering and Emmanuel have helped me focus my studies because they make sure that you are well rounded citizen, as well as developing you academically.” Mum Mandy agrees that when Joshua made a decision to go back and solidify his results that the school backed him. “To get onto the course that he wanted he had to make some brave decisions and take further exams. The decision has paid off and he has done really well. The whole family are really thrilled and excited for him.”

Other students have also showed determination and resilience in their pursuit of specific career paths like Heather who obtained A*, B, B and has been awarded with a place in higher education to study policing. She said, “I am absolutely shocked and didn’t expect to get the results I have. I did put the work in but these results are better than I expected. It will be a real adventure to move on but I would like to say thanks to my school for the day in day out support my teachers gave me.” Heather’s mum and sister Helen attended the school to see the results with her. Mum Penny said she was thrilled with the results, “She has worked so hard and now has the results she deserves. The school have stuck by Heather throughout and provided fantastic pastoral support and both Heather and the school have put in 100%!”

Nottingham Emmanuel’s Head Boy and Girl, Ben and Mehreen have also successfully obtained places on teaching and law courses respectively as a result of their academic achievements and the personalised support that the Sixth Form team at Emmanuel have provided for each student has also resulted in Luke successfully securing a place at Rhodes College; a leading Ivy League university, in the USA.  

Kerry Wiltshire, Vice Principal at Nottingham Emmanuel School said that she was thoroughly impressed by the determination of her students. “I am delighted that so many of our students have not only successfully obtained the grades to progress into higher education but are passionate, focused on what they really want to study and equally want to make a difference to the society in which we live in. It is the ability of our students to balance the demands of academic education as well as serving others which has enabled us to create a partnership school in Ghana and has seen the Sixth Form recently accredited with the prestigious Lord-Lieutenant’s Award for Voluntary Service. Ultimately though, it has been the student’s sense of vision and our staff’s commitment to helping them secure the very best outcomes that has helped contribute to such success.”

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