Lilian Greenwood Visits Emmanuel

Our Sixth Form students met with Lilian Greenwood, MP for Nottingham South, today for a chance to discuss some of the more pressing issues in politics at the moment. The students acquitted themselves well, asking thoughtful questions on a range of topics including the state of the UK economy and the incumbent government’s role in this, the upcoming EU referendum and its potential impacts on different parts of our society. Ms Greenwood offered clear insight to the students on her views about these topics, allowing for a direct understanding on how issues such as these are discussed and dealt with in office.

“It was a great opportunity to gain more of an understanding and a clearer insight into current political issues, especially around the upcoming EU referendum.” Benjamin King, Sixth Form

Mr Skinner, Sixth Form Service Leader and Teacher of Religious Studies, said that the students showed a great level of knowledge and insight into the political landscape, as they discussed a range of issues from Europe to opportunities for young people.

Niamh Shewell-Cooper, who lead the student interview said “Meeting Lilian Greenwood was a great opportunity to further understand the issues surrounding the EU referendum. Hearing her opinion and the reasons behind it helped me to make up my own mind about the referendum even if I can’t vote in it. I also always love meeting the people who represent us in Parliament, it puts a face to the name we see so much and makes me feel like they respect the opinions of us as young people.”

It was a valuable experience for our students, and a chance for our politicians to measure just how important and relevant these unfolding current events are to future generations.

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