Work Matters 2016

On Wednesday 21st September, The Nottingham Emmanuel School brought together almost 600 Year 12 students from across the City for the hugely successful Work Matters 2016 event. The event was run in partnership with Bluecoat Academy, The Trinity Catholic School, Magnus Church of England and The National Church of England Academy. It was hosted by Nottingham Trent University in heart of the city at the Newton Building – a grade II listed building, regenerated with fantastic modern facilities and equipment.

“It was useful to hear directly from employers about their own experiences” – Qing-Mei, Year 12 student

The focus of the event was to give the new Sixth Formers an opportunity to find out about the meaningful impacts different careers can have, where their studies can take them, the work involved in different careers and to hear directly from people in these positions about their own journey in their industries. Drawing on the expertise of 26 different organisations across a wide range of sectors including the NHS, Barclays Bank, Clegg Group, HMRC, the Nottingham City Council, the armed forces and many more, students were able to garner a huge breadth of information in one centralised location through a series of small, personal workshops tailored to their needs.

To complement the workshops, the students also had the chance to hear key note speeches led by Bishop Tony Porter (Bishop of Sherwood), with Nottingham Trent University Pro Vice-Chancellor for Employer & Economic Engagement Michael Carr, Alex Peace-Gadsby (Owner/Director of Musto), Rabbi Tanya (Nottingham Liberal Synagogue) and Gary Cryer MC (Care after Combat). All provided a fascinating discussion on career impact on society with a unique insight from their own experiences.

“Learning about the different roles of staff within a company helped me to understand how they work” – Lewis, Year 12 student

This type of direct engagement with employers proves crucial to young people as they continue with their academic study. It prepares them for the eventual transition in to their chosen careers, as well as broadening horizons and raising aspirations by demonstrating the breadth of what is available to them. Hearing about the ‘why’ of these careers provides a more meaningful touch point for these young people as they begin to contemplate how they can shape the world they are joining through their work. More immediately it serves as a focussing point for their current study as they gain a fuller understanding of how the subjects & skills they are learning today will prepare them for tomorrow.

“The event was really informative about different industries – I particularly enjoyed learning about occupational therapy” – Anna, Year 12 student

“It was great to see such a variety of young adults from a range of different Church schools, all coming together for the day with the common aim of exploring possible pathways for their future careers. Seeing our students give serious consideration to their next steps is so satisfying for us as teachers – this is what we’ve been working towards for years with these young people” – Derek Hobbs, Principal

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